Starting a Business?

Is your head spinning yet? Don’t know what to do first?

Establishing a routine, especially in the infancy of your business, is critical to running a successful business; especially if you are the one and only employee in the beginning.  Why is it important? Because routines help set you up for success.

As boring as it might sound, routines provide a number of advantages, personal as well as professional.

1. Over time, you become more efficient and proficient in the tasks you perform each day. This can include everything from exercising to emptying your email Inbox.

2. You begin to learn and identify how long tasks will take.

3. You become better at prioritizing your to-do’s

4. Your self-confidence increases.

5. You begin to procrastinate less, and you start crossing things off your list of to-dos.

On a personal level, your routine could include personal activities such as exercising, prepping healthy meals, journaling, and meditation.  These are some activities that I have incorporated into my weekly schedule. When I get to the gym it sets the tone of the day for me. It boosts my endorphins and I carry that momentum with me the rest of the day.

On a professional level, consider setting time aside to read publications relevant to your business, and listing the day’s most critical tasks you must accomplish.  Add all of your to-do’s to your schedule and set a timer (if you can stand it). There are online timers you can use to help you through getting tasks done. Do a simple Google search for “online timers” and you will find many options. Some are elaborate and some are very simple. Consider using a timer on your computer and not your smartphone. Having your smartphone nearby will only tempt you to start checking things that have nothing to do with the task you are currently working on.  Try allotting 20 minutes to each task. That way you could knock out 3 tasks in 1 hour. And what busy business owner doesn’t want that?

As the owner of a personal concierge business, I am well aware of the importance of time and making the most of the time we have.  I too, have to have assistance from time to time to complete projects.   

And remember, it is okay to delegate! Better to delegate than to get bogged down and unable to complete projects; professional or personal.

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