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Anna Tuchin, owner of The Trusted Bookkeeper has been a huge asset to 1440 and I'm sure you would appreciate her expertise as well.
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My video review of The Trusted Bookkeeper
I absolutely love this app and it's great if you want to share a recipe with someone.  You can import from a photo, a PDF, or a website. And of course, you can enter a recipe manually.  If you download it, let me know your thoughts.

The all-in-one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner available across all your devices.
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Looking for a killer resume or LinkedIn bio?  Talk to Gloria at Resume Pro.  Prepare to be amazed.

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Want to increase your productivity? The Getting Things Done program is what you need.  I took this course 20 years ago through my employer at the time.  I decided to go through it again now that the world has changed, and so has my work status.  This course is completely worth the price and I encourage anyone to take it!
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Copywriters and marketing strategists.  Expand your business presence with Russell Resources.

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Looking for a unique way to network in a global way?  Check out the HNP Networking Neighborhood Project.  When you're ready to join, let me know.  Have questions?  Ask me!
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Kansas City

Looking for a different kind of networking experience?  You will love ACA.  There are clubs all over the country but if you're in the KC area and are interested in visiting, let me know!
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I was referred to Ryan at Sacred Roots by my personal trainer.  The best suggestion for a massage therapist that I have had in a long time.  I even purchased a membership.

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Do you dislike any fat on your brisket?  I do too!  That is why we LOVE the Smokebox BBQ!  And I hear their burnt ends are great as well (I am not a burnt ends fan).  

So when you're in KC and around the airport, you will not go wrong with Smokebox. 
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