Personal Assistant Services

Let's face it; sometimes life is hard.  And when you don't have enough time, it's even harder.

Our goal here at 1440 is to help improve our client's lives.  With this intention, we want to be better able to serve you and anticipate your needs.

We empower our clients to let us take the lead on more of what they need help with.  We have found that those who allow us to help receive the best support and benefit from having a personal concierge.  You can trust us to e there when you need us.  You'll never find yourself alone.

1440 can help you pull it all together.
We offer the following services.  

If you require a task not listed here please contact us.  We might be able to work something out.

Absentee Home Care

  • Run/check faucets and outdoor water spigots.
  • Bring in mail and newspapers
  • Reset appliances if the power goes out.
  • Check for damage after storms.
  • Clear out the food pantry fridge of expired items
  • Wait for deliveries/contractors (plumbers, electrician, etc.)
  • And more.

Business Support

  • General administrative tasks.
  • Schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Assist with mailings.
  • Deliver office lunch/snacks.
  • Pick-up and deliver gifts for co-workers/clients.
  • Shop for and deliver office supplies.
  • Wait service.
  • And more.


  • Post office, UPS, FedEx.
  • Gift wrapping.
  • Errands.
  • Wait service.
  • Snack delivery to school for events/parties.
  • Deliver local packages.
  • Arrangements for donations.
  • And more.
Two hours of consecutive work is required.  Any work less than two hours will be billed for two hours.
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