Tidy Space = Productive Business

Success in business does not necessarily mean you're a success in your personal life. When your home is cluttered, it can have a direct impact on the health of your business. It can also impact your mental health.

As a small business owner, I still wear many different hats, but not all of them anymore. I'm the Administrative Assistant and the Bookkeeper. I'm also the Chief Executive of Marketing and the Chief Executive of Operations. My office, at times, looks like five people are living in it.

When my office is cluttered and unorganized, I am hardly productive. I know this is a challenge for many business owners as well as cubicle dwellers who have small spaces. It's as if the chaos is preventing you from moving forward. And when the chaos creeps into the kitchen, the family room, the bedroom, it can stop you in your tracks.

However, for the sake of this article, we'll address the mess in your office.

So what can you do to tackle the quilombo in your office?

1. When you're finished for the day, tidy up your space. If you took a file out of the cabinet, put it back. Tidying up after yourself at the end of the day will make walking into your office less stressful. Tidy space = tidy mind (for most of us). Leaving your space cluttered at the end of the day will likely cause stress the next time you return. 

2. I'm a firm believer that everything has a space. Be it a drawer, a shelf, or a hanging filing rack, right down to the pencil drawer on your desk. It makes items easier to find. And when it's easier, it's less stressful. 

3. Just because you have a dedicated workspace, it's doesn't mean it can't be furnished with a few personalized items. Photographs of extraordinary people, places, or things can provide the inspiration and motivation you need to get and stay motivated. 

4. A little bit of greenery can not only provide a little spark of life but can also offer a small sense of calm. Many nurseries and large hardware stores – Lowe's and Home Depot – have small potted plants that do not require much devotion. They are the perfect plant for busy people.

Sometimes it may be just as easy as rearranging furniture so it can create the flow of positive energy. I rearranged my office several times in one month before I found the perfect setup (yes, the photograph with this article is my office).

Find the arrangement that works for you and see your productivity increase

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