Make it an Admin Day

Being a business owner is not always glamorous or desirable. It is, however, a job in which you spend countless more hours ⌛️ working for yourself than you did when you worked for someone else. And why? Because it's yours and you love the life it affords you.

However, when we get busy, we tend to get behind on the small details of the business. That is why I like to assign one weekday as my Administrative day. My day of choice is Fridays because I can ease into the weekend. And on a day like today - ice and a little snow but mostly ice- it's good to stay inside and get things done.

If you're a small business owner, what do you do to get a handle on the pesky tasks that never get done? Do you have staff to whom you can assign them?

Or do they crowd your dreams, forcing you to get out of bed at 3 o’clock and address them? Hopefully not.

1440 can help you move past those dreams so you can get a solid 8 hours. Learn to delegate, and you’ll sleep better

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