La Barista Coffee

This iconic drive-thru coffee shop, the first in the area, has been serving up delightful brews since 1995. It's more than just a coffee shop; it's a community staple with a loyal fan base that's been growing for almost three decades.

Explore their dynamic website, featuring 10 pages. The highlight is the home page, where under the 'Drinks & Bites' section, you'll find nine captivating super boxes, each filled with tantalizing options and information. 
See the Website here

ACE Waterproofing & Basement Solutions

This website spans 23 pages, including a showcases page. This unique feature allows them automatically to import projects directly from their project management tool, CompanyCam, offering you a real-time glimpse into our work and accomplishments.
See the Website here

Van Pelt Drywall

This is an elegant, simple five-page website designed to provide you with just the essentials for now. 

Previously, the absence of a website and promotional photos meant untold stories of their business. Now, they are ready to unfold these stories and expand their digital presence alongside their evolving business.
See the Website here

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