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When I started my business in January 2018, I knew nothing about being a business owner. But I had, and still have, the drive and desire to be my own boss. One thing I learned early on, during my days in corporate America, is to embrace technology, stay on top of the updates, and volunteer to learn new ways of doing things.

Learn it. Know it. Love it (not the same quote used in the title. This is a movie quote from my teenage years. A classic). I have that same philosophy today, and it has helped me considerably.

But, I'm always open to learning new things and new ways to advance my business into more business. So today, I want to talk about......Trello; a project management tool (that was some build-up, 'eh?). For you solopreneurs out there struggling to find a decent project management tool and haven't looked at Trello yet, do yourself a favor. It's portable, meaning you can access it from your phone or your tablet, and of course, your desktop computer. And, you can share the board with your clients. When either of you makes a change in their Trello board, it immediately appears for all board members to see. You can assign tasks, send quick notifications, and add milestones to your calendars. There is so much more to learn about it.

It has made my life easier by having everything right there without figuring out in what cloud service a Client keeps her media. I plug a link into the board, and poof, there I am, getting the information I needed without bothering the Client or spinning my wheels.

There is a free version and, of course, a paid version. The free one is great if you don't need members on multiple boards.

Check it out if you're struggling to keep all the things in one central place. Then report back to me and tell me what you think.

This is....a little bit related to my topic. But it's here mostly for laughs. 🙂

Fast Times at Ridgemont High. What kid from the '80s didn't see this movie? Good times!

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