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When I began helping my client last year, the one I wanted to fix was his filing cabinets! 🗂. For an OCD person like me, it hurts to see it like this. But if anything good came out of this whole COVID19 pandemic, it was that his business slowed down (not good for him, of course), but it finally gave me a chance to get these drawers in some kind of order!!! Such a relief to my eyes! I showed up with my toolbox and a step-stool to get to those files waaaaay in the back. There are two filing cabinets with five drawers each, and they all looked the same way. NO MORE!

The next major project on these files will be to create identical labels for the hanging file tabs and the file folders. Seriously, it pains me to see the Before picture. But the After picture? That puts the wind in my sails! ⛵💨. 😀

By placing all the hanging file tabs in the same position, whether it’s left-justified, centered, or right-justified it will help you locate a file much faster. And don’t mess with those insert tabs! Just get a label maker and stick the labels right on the tabs. It just looks prettier too.

Got messy filing cabinets? I have a toolbox to fix that problem for you!

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