How It Started

People often ask me why I started my business and why I chose to be a personal concierge (or personal assistant/lifestyle manager). I laugh a little and tell them how it came to be. I read a book about a woman who was a personal assistant. I thought, there are people who actually do this for a living? I loved the idea. So here is the story for why, but here is how 1440 came to be.

I thought about it for two years before acting on it. When I launched on January 15, 2018, I knew it wouldn't make me rich or that success wouldn't happen instantly, and I was prepared for that.

When I started the company, the name was Carolina on Call. Yes, you read that correctly. Carolina on Call. No, it didn't start as an escort service, but the name made it sound like it was. And I offered a lot of services, probably too many services. But I pushed on anyway and kept going until I got tired of the name.

In the Spring of 2019, I started reading a book written by Kevin Kruse named 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. Mr. Kruse's advice for time management and the power of 1,440 minutes resonated because my business aims to give people more time to do what they want to do. Everyone has 1440 minutes in a day. And that's when I knew 1440 Concierge was going to be my business's new name.

Then COVID-19 made its entrance, and by the end of March 2020, clients had canceled or suspended services. I did not do work for at least three months. I even went so far as to cancel my business insurance. Why waste the $80/month if I was not able to work. I call 2020 the year that wasn't. Or The Lost Year. By July, I knew I needed to change things up before I was entirely out of business.

I was already doing a little virtual work for a few people around the country, but I knew I needed to step up my game. With some well-placed posts, good networking, and a commitment to not letting COVID bring me completely down, I was able to rebound, and business picked up.

A few months ago, something was bothering me; the business name, 1440 Concierge. Since 85% to 90% of business is now virtual and not personal, 1440 Concierge no longer sounded right. I dropped the Concierge (but not legally) to just 1440. And it just feels right!

It's hard to believe, but 1440 is into its 4th year of business! I'm not rich with money, but I am rich with the satisfaction of knowing I am my own boss! And THAT makes me happy.

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